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Gabriele Picco

Gabriele Picco
Gabriele Picco

Fine Arts Unternehmen books in collaboration with Francesca Minini, is pleased to present the new book by Gabriele Picco.
An exhaustive monography on the artist's work since 1994 till today; a selection of paintings, installations, videos and drawings guided by texts of Giorgio Verzotti and Davide Ferri, critics and independent curators both close friends and staedy followers of the artist's activity.

Picco deliberately underplays himself, his strategy is to waste – to discard beautiful shapes in favour of the allure of figurative barbarism fit for an artist of the New Millennium. Cattelan liked the scrawls a lot, and everything was said (it was I who showed him the booklet – at the time Maurizio was a declared admirer of Picco). The artist was very explicit in presenting them: “I could describe my little drawings as erupted rock, droplets of saliva of a hearty sneeze that get plastered onto the white sheets”.
Giorgio Verzotti

Gabriele Picco finds it easy to amalgamate, interweave and contaminate different languages, to then have them collapse into one another (as if, let’s say, the “integrity” of painting, the coarseness of a lewd joke, the story-telling power of a cartoon or of a simple illustration could all quite naturally share a same space).
Davide Ferri

Gabriele Picco

Project by:
Gabriele Picco
Francesca Minini


160 pages
(120 p. – 4 colours)
(40 p. – Black & White)

17 x 23 cm


May 2009

€ 19,80

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ISBN 13: 978-3-03720-013-1    
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