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the book by Javier Peñafiel - No todo tanto

the book by Javier Peñafiel - No todo tanto

No todo tanto - The book by Javier Peñafiel


The Book By Javier Peñafiel, a dramaturgy of drawings and words in black and white. A definitive map, structured into five precarious regions (“Cultural figures in the Spanish Baroque / Garden monologue plaza-polyphony / Victims of the diagnostics / Common dinamics and, separately, family ties among drawings / Living between lines”), pursued by an irritating excrescence in dialogue between unpresentables (“Give it time: because on time it feeds”).  A book of etiquette of cohabitation with the obsessions of the Spanish artist’s dangerous leisure time. A misadventure for the reader, titillated by the self-gratification of trendy perusing and fun reading, embraced, then trapped, by an ineffable doubt, finally falling into the sacrifice of the first person singular. The last of the vademecums. Nothing less than a cosmological indecency, nothing more than a demiurgic attempt. Not exactly everything. A whole lot.


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Javier Peñafiel (1964, Zaragoza - Spain), draftsman, writer, video-maker, curator, performer, lives and works in Barcelona, and regularly moves between Lisbon, New York, São Paulo and Berlin. Among his most recent exhibitions we may recall: “Locución Bachelet-Merkel”, Santiago, Chile-Madrid-Berlin 2010-11, sponsored by Conca, Catalonia; “Voz entre líneas” (also co-curator), La panera, LLeida 2010; “Monólogo jardín plaza polifonía”, Berlin-Valparaíso-Lisbon 2009-2010, sponsored by the Fundación Marcelino Botín; “Mera coincidencia”, CGAC, Lisbon-Santiago de Compostela 2007; “Agenda do fim dos tempos drásticos”, 28th Biennial exhibition of São Paulo 2008; “Agua incondicional”, Expo Zaragoza 2008; “Os acasos convenientes”, Play Gallery, Berlin 2006; “Habla”, Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona 2004; “Ausencia Pública”, Caixaforum, Barcelona 2003.


No todo tanto - The book by Javier Peñafiel

240 (4 in colors)

17 x 23 cm


Javier Peñafiel, Nicola Jacchia 

Lavinia Marinotti 

May 2010

ISBN-13 978-3-03720-015-5

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